A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is - it is what consumers tell each other it is.

Scott Cook,director of Intuit,P&G

Brand Identity Design Explained

Brand identity is the combined message transmitted via the brand name, logo, style and visuals which is different from brand image.'Brand identity' is constructed by the brand itself - with the goal of broadcasting a strong message to consumers - where brand image is the summary opinion formed within the marketplace.

During the process of designing your brand identity,we focus on achieving and effectively doing the 5 main stages which helps to strength the base of your brand and distinguish it from your competitors.The 5 main stages that CaptainWebs does during brand identity design are :

  • Research, analysis and competitor review
  • strategic brand development
  • targeted brand design
  • consistent brand communication across all media
  • feedback, performance review and maintanence

Since brand identity design is a practical and cohesive 'action plan' to build brand success,CaptainWebs combines strategy and design to deliver real values and help your brand own its signature in the marketplace.

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