A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is - it is what consumers tell each other it is.

Scott Cook,director of Intuit,P&G

Brand Style Guide Explained

Brand Style Guide s the primary visual DNA of your company’s branding, though it can also reference grammar, tone, word usage and point of view. Essentially, it’s a document that describes, defines and presents examples of what your brand looks like in various visual media such as print, Internet and broadcast. To be effective it must clearly define the rules around your online presence in all channels such as websites, landing pages, mobile sites, online ads, blogs, social media channels and email communications.

Since too few businesses take the time to create a company brand style guide,the companies with the absence of a unifying style guide, incorrect or inconsistent content and branding may be applied.These lead to the results where marketing messages that lead to confusion among your followers.

However,CaptainWebs offers you a simple solution by undertaking all of the necessary step to create brand style guide for your company to ensure that all who touch the inner sanctum of your brand, your followers will experience a cohesive, unified marketing message across all channels.

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