A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is - it is what consumers tell each other it is.

Scott Cook,director of Intuit,P&G

Graphic Standards Explained

Graphic Standards is the guide to apply your visual identity in a clear and consistent way through the forms of logo usage,font usage and so on.

CaptainWebs creates Graphics standards manuals (also called style guides) which are key to an identity’s success. They provide guidelines for proper use of a logo and outline the essential elements of a brand’s visual identity.We also would like to mention that While all standards manuals vary according to the needs and personality of the company, certain aspects are ‘standard’ (e.g., an overview of the brand, proper/improper uses of the logo, and color swatch specs) while other aspects of these guides are more unique to the individual brand of your company.
We create manuals which include :

  • Company overview
  • Standard identity elements
  • Logo versions (proper and improper), primary and secondary typefaces, color swatch specs (CMYK, RGB, Pantone®), symbols and/or character usage)
  • Unique identity elements
  • Communication system specs (including materials, size, color), system application specs, tagline and/or symbol usage)

When we create manuals ,we first take time to Understand how your brand’s identity balances consistency and appropriate levels of exibility and clearly explain this in your manual.Wel also Use visuals examples supported by text explanations for utmost clarity.

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