The objective is not to "make your links appear natural",the objective is that "your links are natural".

Matt Cutts ,Google

Search Engine Optimisation

Creating a website with a beautiful design does not guarantee that it reaches to its own customers or gets higher search engine rankings.First of all, each website needs to be modelled with clean and necessary content,and proper keyword anaylsis should be made.The internal coding of a website and proper HTML tag hierarchy is a key factor in optimal search engine rankings.In addition,proper page titles, META tags, page headings, ALT attributes and link title attributes are also essential for having a functional and searchable website.It is not an eyjoyable experience to spend huge amount of money on paid advertising and still got no results.However,as Captainwebs,we offer wide range of SEO services to make your website contain necessary and ideal content,and be fully compatible in the terms of SEO.
The services we provide under our SEO service, are :

SEO Packages




Features Local Bronze Silver Gold
In-depth Site Analysis
Keyword Research
Competition Analysis
Page Speed Analysis&Optimization
Google Penalty Check
Content Optimization
Website Page Load Optimization
Q&A Posting
Video Marketing
Yotube Channel Creation
Google AdWords Management
Magazine/News Placement
SEO Report
Google Analytics Analysis Report
Activity Report

Services that we do per month Local Bronze Silver Gold
Social Bookmarking 25 50 75 100
Facebook Ads Management $99/month $99/month $99/month
Google AdWords Management $199/month $199/month $99/month